Regularly involve our accountants in Geelong

June 20, 2014

It’s tax time, so you’d better call the accountant, right?

Well, yes, that is the right course of action but tax time is not the only time of the year you should include an accountant in your planning.

As one of the leading accountants Geelong businesses and individuals have at their fingertips, CD&G Accountants has a role to play in virtually every major financial decision you make in your personal and professional life.

Buying a new car? Thought about asking your accountant the best way to purchase a vehicle? You should, because there are various options that don’t involve handing over the better part of a year’s salary or taking out a loan with punitive interest rates.

Coping with a long-term illness in the family? Thought about seeking your accountant’s advice on the best financial approach to cope with the situation?

Have children heading off to university? Then your finances could be in for a serious and prolonged battering if you haven’t got the right financial structures in place.

How about that tax refund? Going to spend it all or have you thought about seeking a bit of professional advice on how to turn that small windfall into a handsome return?

Our team of accountants in Geelong can help you with your financial management strategies and help ensure your financial situation remains in your control.

Whether you have specific requirements or need general information and a little guidance, CD&G Accountants can help. Our accountants are in Geelong so know full well the pressures, demands and influences the city’s businesses and families endure on a daily basis.

We have the specialised knowledge and qualifications to provide the service you require, we strive to deliver premium customer service each and every time and our fees are realistic and reasonable.

If you’d like to know more about the services available from CD&G Accountants, Geelong, make you get in touch. And you don’t have to wait until tax time!