Succession and estate planning Geelong

Succession planning and estate management apply to individuals, as well as businesses in Geelong.

Succession planning

Our Geelong accountant believes the most successful succession planning begins the day a business commences and continues through the life of that business. Succession is not just about handing over control and ownership of your business to the next generation or selling to a third party. It is the process of ensuring that the business continues beyond the current management and owners.

For anyone who has founded, owns or has an equity interest in a business, succession planning is central to any financial planning that is undertaken and it is never too early to start.

Whatever the size or type of your business, CD&G Accountants can advise you on the appropriate succession planning that will ensure the successful continuation of that business once your involvement ceases.

Estate management

There is more to estate management and planning than the preparation of a will, powers of attorney and the nomination of superannuation beneficiaries.

We can help you protect and manage your financial legacy with detailed and comprehensive estate planning.

Our main aim is to ensure that your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes, taking into account the taxation implications and finding the most tax-effective way for this to occur.

With extensive experience in the area of estate management, we work with you to establish a comprehensive understanding of all your assets and liabilities. With a view to any particular wishes you want met, we can then make recommendations on how best to structure and manage your estate. In essence, an estate plan allows you to retain control of your assets should you not have the capacity to do so at any time in the future due to physical or mental disability, illness, injury or death. It will also allow you to establish who can make decisions on your behalf in the same circumstances and provides support for a spouse and family members.

CD&G Accounting also provide strategic advice on a variety of topics including taxation, business and SMSFs for Geelong businesses and individuals. Contact our friendly staff and they will be able to set up an initial meeting with one of our experienced CPA to discuss your financial circumstances and your financial goals.