Certified Practicing Accountant, Geelong

CD&G Accountants provide expert advice for individuals, partnerships, trusts, companies and SMSFs to ensure the best outcome for you in all areas of:

Our CPA in Geelong has the experience and know-how to do far more than just your tax return. In particular, a CPA is a personal strategist, management consultant, business advisor and more, with the technical knowledge, education and business experience to enable them to find solutions for your business or individual circumstances. There are defined benefits that flow from using a certified practising accountant, including savings in taxation, succession and estate planning to name a few.

Contact CD&G Accountants in Geelong today and let us help you take control of your finances and plan for the future of your individual or business goals.

Asset Protection

Asset protection is a vital component of any good financial plan and we are the expert asset protection advisors in Geelong. Protecting your hard-earned wealth and managing the risk of loss through asset planning is an important part of what we do at CD&G Accountants. This relates to the protection of assets, the provision of…

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Business Start-up and Registration

Starting a business in Geelong, or anywhere for that matter, is a big step for any individual or group. It involves a great deal of planning, work and commitment to make a success of your endeavour, and at the outset it is important to get professional advice from business consultants when setting up a business….

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Business Structuring

Choosing the right business structure is a crucial decision when you are starting out with a new enterprise. The business structure you choose is central to asset protection, your taxation liabilities, ongoing costs and the minimisation of any future liabilities. Our accountant in Geelong will discuss the benefits, pitfalls and responsibilities that go with the…

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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning can often feel overwhelming and complex, leaving many individuals unsure of where to begin. However, with CD&G Accountants by your side, the process can be much more manageable and less daunting. Serving our valued clients in Geelong, we believe that retirement planning encompasses far more than just superannuation. We are dedicated to working…

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Strategic Advice

CD&G offers strategic financial advice in Geelong to help you manage your finances and achieve the goals and security you aim for. A financially secure future is possible with planning and targeted advice from our experienced team at CD&G Accountants. Initially, we will carry out a detailed review of your current circumstances and together we…

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Succession planning and estates

Succession planning and estate management apply to individuals, as well as businesses in Geelong. Succession planning Our Geelong accountant believes the most successful succession planning begins the day a business commences and continues through the life of that business. Succession is not just about handing over control and ownership of your business to the next…

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