Asset Protection, Geelong

Asset protection is a vital component of any good financial plan and we are the expert asset protection advisors in Geelong. Protecting your hard-earned wealth and managing the risk of loss through asset planning is an important part of what we do at CD&G Accountants. This relates to the protection of assets, the provision of security in case of death or disability, protection of your estate against litigation and protection of your investments against loss.

Our experienced asset protection advisors will ensure that you have adequate insurances to allow you to continue living with financial security, even if the unthinkable were to happen such as death, trauma or loss of income.

Asset protection solutions should be considered early in your financial planning. Any asset protection strategy must begin well before there is any sign of a potential legal issue or lawsuit. The most common asset protection mistake is trying to start planning after a lawsuit has been filed against you. This could be because of a car accident you have caused, the failure of a business, a loan default or breach of contract. Our targeted asset protection advice will take into account your personal circumstances and what measures can be put in place to protect your wealth.

For our clients here in Geelong, estate planning is another element of asset planning. Through the use of advanced estate planning techniques such as family trusts or a testamentary discretionary trust your assets and beneficiaries can be protected for years after you pass away.

As there is no “one size fits all” strategy when it comes to asset protection, our experienced and skilled accountant will assess your individual circumstances and determine the best strategies to ensure the protection of your current assets as well as the positioning of assets that you intend to acquire in the future. Contact CD&G Accountants and let us help you put your asset protection plan together.