Property investment strategies, Geelong

Property investment is a long-term investment and as such careful consideration needs to be given to the benefits and pitfalls of such a move.

The main benefit of property investment strategies in Geelong or elsewhere is that property tends to be less volatile than shares or other investments. Investing in residential and/or commercial Australian properties and then turning them into rental properties can provide you with rental income and you can also benefit from capital growth if your property increases in value over time.

There are, however, restrictions on buying property with money from your SMSF, which makes it vital that you consult a property accountant such as CD&G Accountants to provide you with comprehensive and targeted property investment advice.

Our experienced property investment advisors at CD&G Accountants have been advising Geelong locals on the benefits and pitfalls of property investment, at all times ensuring that any investment recommendations tie in with the overall wealth creation strategies that have been considered.

CD&G Accountants will look after all your property investments, as well as offering advice on USA property investments and other wealth creation strategies such as SMSFs.