Business and Corporate Accounting Geelong

CD&G Accountants are your local corporate and business accounting experts in Geelong.

As your small business accountant, our experienced team can advise you on the compliance requirements with the Australian Tax Office. The calculation of tax that is payable will be different depending on the structure of your business.

For example, sole traders are required to use their personal income tax returns to declare their business income or loss. Tax is paid at individual tax rates.

Where you have a partnership, the partnership itself lodges a tax return but doesn’t actually pay the tax owed. Instead, it is the partners of that partnership that must pay their share of the tax owed on any income.

A company is a separate legal entity and as such it has its own liability for taxation amounts owed and a business tax return is lodged.

For a trust, there is generally no tax liability where the whole of the net trust income has been distributed to the beneficiaries. Instead, tax is owed by each individual beneficiary through their own personal income tax returns.

CD&G Accountants are the local corporate accounting experts providing Geelong businesses and individuals with professional small business accounting services to ensure that all business and corporate taxation obligations are met. Contact us today and let our business accountant help you with all your accounting needs.